Who We Are

*~ Lifestyle brand for free-spirits & yogis ~*
Locally Handmade
Growing Collection of Organic & Sustainable items
Original & Unique Designs 
Hey! I'm Shelley!
I'm a full-time creative director and Kapok Roots is my lovely passion project.
I've been creating, altering, and designing clothes since I was a child! I love what I do and am always learning new modalities, practices, and styles.
All design & printing is done in-house. Over half of what we sell is upcycled sustainable apparel, and we've already prevented hundreds of garments from going to the landfill!
We share 11.1% of profits with the Humane Society of Pinellas
Kapok Roots is a sister company to Kapok Pilates & Wellness,
with two studios located in Clearwater and Seminole, Florida.
Please visit www.kapokpilatesandwellness.com for more information about our fitness studios and holistic services.